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Should you have your carpet repaired or buy new?

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Should you have your carpet repaired or buy new?

Your floor is one of the major surfaces in your house, and there is nothing as unattractive as damaged carpet.  When people come into your home, damaged carpet is often one of the first things that they notice, and damaged carpet makes any home look worn and shabby.  Buying carpet is also one of the greater purchases you will make for your home, and it is quite expensive to replace carpet due to just a few damaged areas.  You may not comprehend it, but there are firms that specialize in repairing torn, stained, loose or even missing carpet. 

Before you invest in your carpet, the first thing you should consider is having it repaired. Consider the overall condition of the carpet.  If your carpet is more than 15 years old and has a large number of damaged areas, or does not have very much life left in it, you might consider replacing your carpet.  Nevertheless, if your carpet is in decent condition or has been installed in the last several years, you can save your cash and get more years out of your flooring by looking into having the carpet repaired.  Following are some of the conditions that can be repaired by a trained carpet repair firm:

Bumps, wrinkling, loose or bulging carpet — One of the most common types of carpet damage can be fixed by re-stretching your carpet.  If you have areas in your carpet that have ripples or it's wavy in areas, chances are the carpet needs to be stretched and re-secured.  If you have carpet on stairs or in hallways, carpet that is wrinkled or raised can be a serious safety hazard. 

Burn marks and holes — Whether caused by a candle, cigarette, or a lamp falling over, burns can be unsightly, and even a small burn can be unsightly on a rug.  A carpet repair company can repair the hole, clean damaged fibers, and make it appear as if the burn never happened.  Often, carpet repair can be performed on any area and up to any size.

Pet damage — If your furry friend has caused damage to your carpet by clawing, scratching or digging, it can lead to an unattractive carpet that looks ragged, and is hard to hide.  However, a carpet repair establishment can repair and restore these damaged areas, making the carpet appear new again.

Construction repair — If you have made changes to the layout of your home, such as removing walls or changing the configuration of the room, you may have open areas, or gaping holes in your carpet.  A carpet repair company will replace those areas, saving you the cost of replacing the carpet.

Berber carpet — Berber carpet can suffer from “pulls” that look like loose thread on a sweater.  These pulls can quickly ruin the look of your berber carpet, but a carpet repair company can re-weave the carpet yarns and restore the look of your carpet.

Area rugs  Area rugs can suffer many of the same problems as wall to wall carpet, but a good carpet repair company can reweave, repair and often fix problems on area rugs as well. 

If your carpet or rug is damaged and is ruining the look of your home, call Gallagher’s Carpet Care before you head to the carpet store and find out how easily your carpet can be repaired so that you can save your money while improving the look of your home.

Rug Dyeing 

Rug Dyeing takes a expert that know how to work with colors.

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How to repair bleach stains in carpet.

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Filtration Soil

Dark lines and dirty edges in carpets along walls are more common than one might expect. Many blame these black lines on their vacuum cleaner. Some say that their vacuum is not picking up the dirt along the wall or whoever is vacuuming needs to concentrate more along the edges of the carpet. The fact is, something else is going on at the edges of their carpet.

Dark Lines

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Microscopic particulates filtrating through the carpet

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Soiled carpet along edge over a space of time

This area along the carpet is where your house breathes. The dark lines are caused by a phenomenon called Filtration Soiling. It is at this place where the drywall meets the floor and a small enough gap between the two allows air to slowly travel through. When your heating/air conditioning unit is turned on, it builds up pressure and this is where it escapes. The soot and very fine microscopic particulates that are floating in the air get trapped here in the carpet along the edges. Your carpet acts as a filter to the air passing through the face fibers of the carpet. Notice that the dark lines are more prominent along the perimeter of the house and nearer the heating/air conditioning unit. Although filtration staining occurs in most homes; it typically stands out on lighter colored carpets because of the contrast of color.

Filtration Soiling causes...

• Black lines under closed doors
• Black spots/lines along seams
• Black spots in carpet

• Can Filtration soiling be removed?
• How can you prevent this from happening?
By Slowing the process (air duct cleaning)